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Lowering Hair Line for Her

The human hairline varies from one person to another. Women more so have their own unique hair line and forehead space than men. Generally women have a lower hair line their male counter parts. The ideal hairline would be around 5.5 to 7 cm above the brows before it turns vertical along the sides of the skull.

The shape of female hair line is more of an oval, while men have a more ‘M shaped’ that has receding corners. The shape of the hair line is closely related to the hair loss pattern men start with a receding hair line and women usually have thinning when it begins. The difference in hair lines of women are formed differently at different ages. Women usually have thinning more common than a receding hair line.

Hair line receding in women can happen in women due to various reasons ranging from hereditary issues to combing styles. The density and volume are fine behind the line, but the forehead seems dis proportionate and larger than the facial structure. The disadvantage of this is limited hair styles for the person and making the person look older than their age.

Hair Line Lowering Process

Hair transplantation can be used to fix the hair line lowering problem in women. FUE is the best method yet devised for hair line restoration in women which is none scaring and is quick to heal. Hair line lowering for women can have slow growth as the follicles near the forehead are less receptive once passive, than the ones over the rest of the head.

Scalp Assessment

The flexibility and assessment of scalp determines how much the hair line can be fixed. After the assessment an advancement of 0.5 to 1 cm can be generally carried out. At our best transplant Dubai we take pride in the fact we can maximize out the hair line to about 3-4cm.

Forehead Re-contouring

A frontal re contouring is carried out, so that after the hair line restoration the hair line don’t go back up. We at our transplant center make sure the lowered hair lines for females look natural and don’t look off even if the hair behind starts to thin.

Large Advancement

If the hair line is receded more than 2 cm without proper analyzing fore head and scalp assessment, it can place stress on the wounds. This can cause a wide scar, which we try to handle that through laser therapy and stimulate the skin so that new cells are formed. With this combined method of laser therapy stimulation and scalp assessment, we at Best Hair Transplant Dubai are able to reach to an effective 4 cm with solid foundation.

Best Hair Transplant Dubai

At our center thorough Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) we make as many as 2400 plus graft transplants to lower the hair line as much as 3-4 cm. This hair line fixation gives the face a more youthful and vibrant look for our customers.

Our methods are highly specialized and through our hair line restoration our patients are presentable the following day. The recovery period is ultra-quick and painless. Our surgeons also asses the general health of hair and work towards preventing further hair loss. BestHair Transplant Clinic Dubai has the most standardized industry equipment, as well as trained surgeons for hair loss treatments and our clientele is a proof of our standards.

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