Low Laser Therapy

Low level laser therapy (Lllt) is the most recent and exciting form of therapy for hair loss. Though it has been around for a long time treating conditions from musculoskeletal pain to inflammations in digestive tracts, in hair therapy it is a contemporary practice. It is a form of therapy that uses laser below a specific wavelength to produce change in cellular function. Its non-surgical process makes it a preferred choice among the clientele. What makes it more in demand is its treatment for the most common hair loss symptom that is androgenic alopecia.

Androgenic alopecia has been the most common cause of male pattern baldness, which also effects the volume loss in women. In men the condition produces a receding hair line and then settles into an M shape with thinning at the temporal areas. In women the hair grow thinner in the area of the crown, but the frontal line doesn’t get effected.

In mammals hair is the fastest growing part of body growing through three distinct phases I.e. Anagen (growing) , Catagen (regressing) and Telogen phase (resting). Laser therapy stimulates hair growth in both men and women by reenergizing the stem cells in the hair follicles to shift the follicles to an active Anagen phase. This allows the natural process of hair regrowth to take place with no side effects.

Surgeons call it the safest and effective method yet devised for hair growth.

The key to using Low laser light therapy effectively is wavelength tuning and coherence. The light emitted by the laser device produces photos that are absorbed by the tissue in the form of energy. This makes the cell active and it responds to work off the energy in the form of growth. The ideal wavelength for absorption is from 650- 670nm. Lllt works better on people in the earlier stages of hair loss, it is non chemical and painless. It isn’t that effective when the molecule isn’t able to absorb the energy from the radiation.

Low level laser therapy is not a standalone process. It can add to the FUE Hair Transplant in Dubai (Follicular Unit Extraction), Bio-enhanced FUE, FUT Hair Transplant in Dubai (Follicular Unit Transplant) treatments offered at Best Hair Transplant Center Dubai. It has been proven through our clinical trials that clients responded most efficiently to treatment when Laser therapy was coupled with FUE or FUT.

Why Best Hair Transplant Center Dubai?

The surgeons at our Center in Dubai are specialists in their craft, trained at the best institutes all over the world. The low level laser therapy doesn’t not produce any burns or leave scars, but in the practiced hands of our surgeons it doesn’t even produce the redness normally associated with the treatment .We at the Dubai Center cater to our customers individually.

Hair therapy is a highly micro process what works with one patient might not work with another. This makes us unique to our market as we closely monitor our clients to see them through the transition process.

We at Best Hair Transplant Center Dubai believe in setting standards and providing value. Together we and our customers grow towards the best representation of the human expression, and now are proud servers for bringing this laser therapy revolution in Dubai.

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