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Regain Your Self-Esteem with Best Hair Transplant in Dubai

Alopecia can alter your looks and may affect your confidence. If you are stressed about baldness, or consider hair loss a hindrance, then it is the right time to take the step for consulting a doctor for hair restoration in UAE.

Doing nothing can aggravate the issue which is the worst thing happen. You could try to save existing hair with remedies, medicine, and hair-care stuff but there is a little chance that these things work for you. For a permanent solution, an increasingly popular method among celebrities and everyone residing in emirates are transplantation to defeat bald patches. Recipient area got implants of hair follicles from donor surface through highly professional surgery. You just need to book an appointment or walk-in to get the consultation from our doctors for the service of best hair transplant in Dubai.

Easy Steps of Hair Restoration in UAE

  • First Session:

We offer the simple outpatient procedure. Call our counselor who will assist you in consultation for your procedure. You will get an idea of the case and treatment options for your hair loss.

  • Extraction of Grafts:

After the confirmation of your procedure and mutual agreement on the method, our experienced doctor will give you a local anesthesia to extract hair without scar and pain on donor area.

  • Scalp Site Preparation:

We are a renowned clinic for hair restoration in UAE because our surgeon makes the tiniest incision for every follicular unit. By giving a detailed attention to angle, depth, and location, we ensure to make grafting area completely natural.

  • Implantation of Grafts:

In the end, the grafts are placed carefully into the site for a finished appearance. To give your outlook a maximum density, 3 to 4 follicular units are transplanted at the back and top while front area is covered by 1 to 2 units.

Types of Hair Transplant in UAE Offered by Our Clinic

The process of Follicular Unit Extraction is a sophisticated procedure used for hair restoration in Abudhabi. It involves one by one extraction of hair follicles, utilizing a small tool for punching, and then placing them in the anterior area of the scalp (frontal portion) where hair growth has halted.

Follicular Unit Transplant also called strip method among several doctors involves graft or follicles removal from a linear strip of good quality hair at the donor area. Under stereo-microscope, this strip is separated in the form of small grafts before implanting into the bald scalp.

  • Stem Cell Hair Transplant

Stem cell hair transplant is a new type of highly beneficial treatment of hair transplant in UAE. It effectively re-grow hair in the patches and bald area. It is not a surgical procedure. The grafts are collected from the donor area to cover recipient area.

Why We Are Leading the Industry of Hair Transplant in Abudhabi

We strive to exceed the expectations of our patients by improving their persona. We provide

  • Desirable natural looking outcomes
  • Specialized treatment for hairline grafting
  • Cure and remedy for improper transplants done by someone else
  • Surgeries for burn and trauma patients
  • Thin hair improvement by maximizing density

Contact us today and book your appointment for best hair transplant in Abudhabi, Dubai and all over the UAE.

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