Hair Transplant Repair

Hair Transplant surgery is the most common form of surgery performed on men. . Hair Transplant is done through various procedures ranging from old micro grafting and puncturing techniques to today’s follicle unit transplantation (FUE) and follicular unit extraction (FUT). This surgery although now modernized still at times leaves the customers dissatisfied, with non-desirable results.

Hair Transplant Repair surgery is aimed at redoing work on the prior surgeries. The meaning of Repair in hair surgery can be termed as anywhere from improving the quality of grafts to scar reduction to achieve a voluminous natural appearance.


Hair Transplant Repair is a much more delicate process than initial hair harvesting .Hair surgery if not done carefully with micro assessment can lead to non-satisfaction on behalf of the customer and also create scaring or skin damage. Various problems can contribute towards the causation of ineffective hair transplants such as infection, bleeding, poor growth, and cysts formation occur to varying degrees. Sometimes the donor implants even taken from a twin can be rejected by the host’s body system.

Hair Repair process canalsobe expensive from the initial procedures due to its complexity. This can range from adjusting hairlines, re restructuring donor areas to fixing scarring to balancing out the recess of further hair thinning. The hair transplants today utilize various sources for harvesting other than the standard donor sources, such as planting hair from other body parts such as chest, beard, body etc. The topmost problem with hair surgeries is that they often leave an unnatural appearance with appearance of plugs and clump formation.

Inattentive procedures can have scars left in the donor area, Poor shaping of the hairline and failure to take into account the progressive hair loss leads to uneven hair growth.
Hair Transplant repair includes fixing the following ailments
• Asymmetry
• Exhaustion of donor source
• Scar elimination
• Exhausted hairline


At Best Hair Transplant Center Dubai we help our clients curbs the problem of asymmetry with very little discomfort. Hair transplant is done for a more natural and vibrant look. When the naturalness and balanced distribution of density is not achieved it leaves the customer dissatisfied and the transplant not complimenting the proportions of the face.

Our specialized staff while assessing the future of progressive hair loss pattern the FUE and FUT transplants in such a manner that it keeps the volume of the hair evenly distributed.

Exhaustion of Donor source

Donor areas in traditional techniques were taken from the sides or back of the head which even in the case of severe baldness stages remain intact. Our surgeons take donor hair from various parts of the body such as chest and beard to do the grafting. This leaves us with the added advantage of avoiding poor growth and the hair can achieve natural volume with continuous attention.

Exhausted hairline

A Strong symmetrical hairline keeps the forehead from appearing to large, hence helping the face look proportional. The natural looking hairline is always irregular, while rarely ever uniform on both sides. Some hair transplant surgeries leave the hairline looking dull of volume at some places and dense at others, especially strip surgeries.

At the Best Hair Transplant Center, we work on harvesting a hairline that shows off symmetry and aids to the natural look of a strong face

Scar elimination

Scars remain due to the re location of grafts from the donor to the surgical area. This surgical procedure fixes the scars on the scalp. For scar removal there are two ways either the scar is revised i.e. by changing the direction of a scar. Secondly camouflaging is a technique where hair is transplanted directly into the scar, this helps reduce scar visibility.

Thickened scars may be flattened with cortisone injections, depressed scars may be raised with dermal fillers, and an irregular surface may be made smoother with dermabrasion or laser treatments.

Laser Repair

Another recent technique that has emerged in hair repair therapy is laser repair aka laser resurfacing. In this technique the tissue is burned where scars are present to smooth out the skin. This allows for quicker healing and more precision while penetrating deeper.

The energy in the laser penetrates small holes in the skin and allows for activation of new cells in the epidermis. This procedure has fewer side effects than usual repair procedure and is quicker to process.At Best Hair Transplant Center Dubai we specialize in low light laser therapy and our surgeons are trained in the best institutes in the world.

Why Best Hair Transplant Center Dubai for Hair Repair Therapy?

Best Hair Transplant Center is committed to making sure our customers receive the best, cost effective and long lasting hair care possible in Dubai. We are market leaders in hair therapy and make sure our clients achieve their most vibrant and natural look possible.

At our Center we harbor excellence in fields of FUE Hair Transplant in Dubai, FUT Hair Transplant in Dubai and repair therapy. Best Hair Transplant Center Dubai takes pride in its work and always is looking beyond frontiers to expand its vision.

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