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Hair Transplant cost is one of the basic questions every hair loss patient has before undergoing surgery. In fact, it is one of the deciding factors for many men and women in terms of whether or not to move forward with the procedure. Still it is a very difficult question to answer out right as every surgery is unique due to the complexity of a hair restoration procedure, and the inherent variability of the intrinsic physical and physiological factors of each individual patient. Hair transplants at the Best Hair Transplant Center are priced variably depending upon factors such as

  • Hair loss stage and grafts number required for restoration
  • Experience and skill of surgeon and hair transplant assistants
  • Success rate of past performed surgeries
  • Reputation of center
  • Technique applied for restoration FUT, FUE , Bio FUE , Robotic FUE or Combination of FUE and FUT

Our surgeons evaluate your hair follicles, the pattern of your hair loss to choose the best technique suitable for the transplant. FUE procedure has generally a higher price due to the quality and complexity of the work, as each follicle is extracted one by one.

Hair Transplantation is a surgical procedure and not a cosmetic solution like a wig or a hair system. Cosmetic solutions require maintenance, whereas a procedure is a one-time occurrence for most people. Some patients choose to have a second or third based on their hair loss classification, the size of their first procedure and overall goals. But for many, one procedure is all it takes to permanently restore lost hair. This is the true value of the hair transplant surgery done at our Center and we give our clients value for their money.

Hair Transplant Clinic in Dubai has various packages designed individually for each customer. Apart from pricing per graft, we have premium packages that deal with both pre and post-surgical care, so that our customers are satisfied. We believe in quality service rather than numerical estimates and try to accommodate our customers as much as possible. We try to educate our customers on every detail of the surgical process and are always in the negotiating phase keeping them updated.

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