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Hair loss or in more scientific terms alopecia is one of the growing concern for people of every age, men, women, children. The concentration on this area in the present world has grown vast and very much rapid because we live in an era of competition and fast development. This is the time when people are very much conscious about their selves and they actually work on keeping themselves fit and fine in every aspect. Coming to hair loss, it has been a huge problem for the people of this century. Before coming to the treatments a brief details will be given on causes of hair loss.

Causes of hair loss:

There can be numerous reasons pointing out that what actually caused hair to fall off. To briefly describe them. They range from hormonal problems in both men and women that causes the hair loss. Genetically conditions, drugs, diseases and most of all when a person takes a lot of stress or tension. The effect of it goes on hair as well. Child-birth and medications are other of the few reasons that lead to hair damage. We don’t realize in our daily life that different reasons can inject a bad negative effect on our hair and the damage then will only expand if none action is taken. Causes are plenty, the main focus should be that if a person is facing any kind of hair loss that needs to be taken seriously. Quick and as soon as possible steps need to be taken so that hair loss can be overcome. The sooner it is done the better it will be.

Treatments for Hair Loss
Science and technology has developed so much that now loss of hair is no more an unsolvable issue. A lot treatments and solutions have been carried out till now with the long-lasting positive effects. Patients have even given a major response to this growing techniques and results. With the variety of treatments present to gain back normal natural hair is no more a hard task for the hair surgeons. Simple treatments include having balanced diet, herbal remedies, and regular exercises and reduce having stress but other than these some methodologies are also available more easily. Few of the best adopted treatments will be highlighted to grasp a better understanding about the solutions present.

Hair Transplantation:

This is the process in which when a person lose his hair whether from the main scalp or from the sides. To overcome this the productive hair follicles are taken from the rest of head or even from the body and are seeded to the effected bald area. This is one the technique that has in a short period of time developed and evolved so much that they don’t fail to produce the result of like natural hair. Patients are fully satisfied and expect and undetectable hair transplant which is what they also get from the best hair transplant companies.

Laser Techniques:

The method of using laser has become a lot common. They are also called as low-light laser therapy. With the help of laser technology hair growth process becomes valid again leaving less chances of any mark or scars in the skin. The growth of hair seems a lot natural giving people a more youthful look and natural outcome too.


Different developed drugs and medicines are present for growth of hair. Few of which includes Minoxidil, this drug is applied to the scalp of the head. This medication stop the thinning of hair and tries to restore the hair. Corticosteroid, this medicine is used when a person has a disorder of alopecia areata. Surgeons insert this drug into person’s scalp. Diphencyprone (DPCP), this medicine is applied at the bald skin tries to fight the inflammatory damaging cells. Such many more drugs are available which help to overcome the hair loss providing an alternate to overcome the problem.

Natural Therapies:

This alternate solution may not be supported by medical research but their results have been effective. They have helped in the improvement of alopecia areata with different options. Like this include Chinese herbs, therapies such as of aroma, vitamin and zinc supplements. One of the important hair growth supplement is known as viviscal supplement that have actually represented the signs of hair growth in men.

With all the going on development and work done, to overcome hair loss problems doesn’t really seems to be an unsolvable task anymore. People need to assure their belief about these growing techniques are more there to them as a help and assistance in every way they can.

Best Hair transplant Center Dubai
Our Center provides the leading hair treatments in Dubai, we at the Best Hair transplant are pioneers in field research and hair loss treatments. Each individual is different and has a distinct pattern of hair loss. Our surgeons and experts cater to the customers’ needs to find a natural and vibrant look that suits their personality.

Not only at the Best Hair Transplant in Dubai we attend to current hair loss but also make predicative recommendations for future hair loss. Best Hair Transplant Center operates on the standards of excellence and we value our customers as an extension of our work and vision.

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