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Hair Loss Causes

Hair loss usually occurs when the thinning of hair increase resulting into destruction of hair follicle and leading towards loss of hair with giving permanent scar tissues. Everyone loses hair, infect on daily basis a person loses fifty to hundred hairs a day which is pretty normal because the loss of old hair gets replaced by the new one and the cycle is continued. But this cycle is disrupted when the loss of hair increases. Person began to lose more than the average considered and can result into baldness which in biological terms can be defined as alopecia.

Causes of Hair Loss:

  • Androgenic alopecia: This is the type where men and women both get effected probably because of the genetically reasons. It starts eventually from the thinning of hairline and slowly disappearance of hair from the crown side specifically for men and in case of women thinning of hair on whole of the scalp takes place. In case of men hair loss is linked with pretty much other reasons as well. Such as heart diseases, high-blood pressure, disorders of insulin. This all can sums hugely to be the cause of loss of hair. This type of disorder can start from early teens too and can go on with ageing if no care is taken of it.
  • Alopecia universalis: In this type or more likely a disorder in which all the body hair gradually begins to fall out including hair of eyebrows and eye lashes too. This disorder is an effect to the whole body.
  • Involutional alopecia: With the growing age of a person hair naturally becomes thin. This can be taken as a natural condition.
  • Alopecia areata: This results in a hair loss that is in a form of patches. In simple words person loses his hair in different form of patches in the head. There are chances that it may lead to complete baldness.
  • Scarring alopecia: Different skin orders and inflammatory skin cells result into a permanent loss of hair.
  • Deficiency of nutrition: When body is not provided with required proteins, vitamins and iron and other required productive materials. It will lead towards malnutrition. These all are not produced naturally in your body. So a person has to maintain a balanced which covers all this. Our hair requires these products as well to keep them stronger and thicker.
  • Stress disorder: This is one of the foremost growing cause of hair loss. You develop a anxiety disorder or person witnesses some kind of trauma due to which he goes under a lot of stress or depression. This can cause severe damage to hair as hair fall increases and so does thinning of hairline.
  • Netherton’s syndrome : In simple words it is also called as bamboo hair in which hair shaft abnormality is observed as strands of hair remain no more smooth but are turned more rough particularly like that of bamboo hair. The cause can be because of the weakness in cortex as this syndrome effects hair on head, eyelashes and eyebrows as well.
  • Menopause: In case of women in phase of menopause, she may experience a lot of hair loss probably because hormones of estrogen in the body decrease giving rise to hair fall or thinning of hair.
  • Medical illness: Different diseases can also be the cause of hair loss. Diseases like thyroid can be the major cause for hair loss in a person. Sometimes different therapies such as chemotherapy or radiation can also lead to a lot of damage to hair as the excessive use of laser can be harmful to the cells present.

Causes are plenty for hair loss. But what matters is the measure taken to avoid the problem to expand. Hair loss needs to be taken under focus and control before it gets too late and less chances of recovery are there. Plenty procedures and techniques have been developed so far. A wide series of options are available now for remedy of these causes.

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