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Revealing the Reasons Behind Hair Fall in Dubai, UAE & Abudhabi

We’re determined to provide you the root cause and reasons for hair fall you are facing in the hot weather of Emirates to prevent your beautiful locks from draining out in the sewerage!

The fast-paced lifestyle and extreme heat in UAE can easily become excruciatingly tough on our overall body. Hair fall in Dubai and Abudhabi is by far the most worrying problem for the women living here. So we decided to jot down the factors which are causing this issue.

Many people have this misconception that the trouble of dryness and even baldness is linked to the quality of water in UAE. But what they overlooked is the fact that underlying health problems can leave drastic effects and serious hair conditions.

While an environmental change may alter texture, and causes mane loss as hair follicles are tremendously sensitive and responsive to change

The major factors causing hair fall in Abudhabi include

  • Genetics
  • Psychological well-being
  • Health conditions

Nutrition VS Genetics

Poor nourishment intake is also a widespread factor that can upset the condition of hair. However, in males, most cases are genetic and are recognized as male pattern alopecia. It usually follows a specific pattern which starts with thinning and receding hairline and followed by a completely bald patch at the back of your head that steadily merges with the front patch. If hair fall is excessive the cause could not be genetic and underlying health problems are the culprit.

In women, genetic hair fall is not common. The family history of bald women in the family including mother, sisters, grandmother, aunts, etc, is evident and prevalent in females who are suffering from such condition. Whereas in men a generation can skip the genetic baldness.

If you still think that the water quality in the city is causing hair fall in UAE, you can install a filter in the shower that will reduce the dryness. You can have a blood test done for a quick check to rule out genetics and figuring out health problems.

Excessive Stress

Hectic social lives and demanding workloads cause stress that can retard hair growth and amplify the rate of average hair loss.


In hot weather of UAE and Abu Dhabi, the scalp can easily dry out, and health problems aggravate dandruff, which enhances the problem and lead to alopecia.

Constant Exposure to the Sun

Pollution, excessive sunlight and dust can cause limp, dry and weak locks which lead to hair fall in Dubai without proper protection.

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