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Female Hair Loss

In the 21st century society gives a lot of focus to physical appearance and personality. People have become more self-conscious about their looks and they are searching for every alternate they can to keep themselves fit. One of the most growing and distressing disorder is of hair loss, not just in males but dominantly in females. Precising on female hair loss, there are different causes and types of hair loss that females are going through. They range from simple to very complex reasons. But if females are able to get hold of the condition before all the present hair in the follicles are destructed, then a recovery and a more volume head is possible. Every part of human body requires some maintenance and treatment and in the present world we do have cures and solutions present for the growing problems. The phenomenon of hair loss can be well handled if it is identified right in time. Identification, root cause and from which type it belongs need to be discovered first then furthermore process can be well carried out.


Female hair loss initially occurs when the regular cycle of hair growth is disrupted broadly because of aging, heredity, hormonal changes, weight loss, stress or maybe medications can be the cause too. Female hair loss have wide range of causes present because with the advanced technology and development, many origins and disorders have been discovered. For that purpose to understand the cause first a division is required that what variations causes different hair loss and what are their causes. Few of them will be under focused. The most common type of hair loss observed in female in biological terms include Alopecia Areata, Traction Alopecia, Cicatricial Alopecia, and Androgenetic Alopecia. All of these will be described briefly in order to get a better picture of type of hair loss and what are the root causes of it.


Alopecia Areata:

Alopecia in simple words can be defined as a disorder in which damage is caused to the hair follicle. This disorder can effect anywhere in the body but it’s more stressful when it effects the scalp. The growth of hair cycle adopt an unusual abnormal pattern. Alopecia is a disease of a body in which immune system of the body attacks hair follicle itself. This kind of hair loss mainly occur in younger people at the age of 20. This kind mainly cause a patchy hair loss. By patchy we meant is first patches of hair clumps comes out then gradually resulting into smooth, round-less hairless patch on the scalp.

Traction Alopecia:

This type of hair loss is mainly caused by the pulling of hair. This kind of loss happens over time and main reasons are stress, tension or even by very tight ponytails, braids whatever hair styling that causes the extreme pulling of hair. This type of hair loss can be more easily controlled and cured as compares to others.

Cicatricial Alopecia:

In this type hair follicle is so badly destroyed that it eventually causes permanent hair loss. The damage of hair follicle leads to the replacement of it by the scar tissue. The hair follicle is damaged by the active inflammatory cells present which causes permanent destruction to the hair.

Androgenetic Alopecia:

This type of hair loss precisely in female is more common and in simple terms can be defined as ‘baldness’. This highlights 95% most of the close to all hair loss. Mainly effects of this type of disorder is seen as thinning of hair predominantly on the top and head sides. Effects majority of the women specifically after menopause. Hair loss occurs when the hair fall exceeds 125 hair shedding every day. The main indication in women is when the hair loss became so extreme that eventually enters to the widening mainly through the center of hair pair where hairline eventually becomes thinner. Hormonal imbalance within women can also be highlighted as the reason for such disorder.

Female baldness is a bit different from that of male baldness. In female baldness hair loss begins through widening, front hair line present remain unaffected and most of all in females hair baldness is not total as compared to men. There is no prevention from female hair loss but if care taken this problem can be eventually handled.

Best Hair Transplant Center Recommendations

Determining the cause or causes of hair loss in women can be difficult and should be guided by the patient’s history — including the pattern of hair loss, other medical conditions, the use of hair treatments, and the family history of hair loss.

We at the Best Hair Transplant Dubai Center assess history of the patient as a whole, so to find whether it suggests hair cycle disruption or other dietary problems; A patients family history proves female-pattern hair loss is present or not. Patient’s loss on the central portion of the scalp also suggests female-pattern hair loss. If there is inclusive data to prove hair loss we check for thyroid problems of the patient.

We thoroughly at our center understand that hair loss or alopecia is a very common presenting symptom, and more than one third of women have clinically significant hair loss during their lifetime. The effect of hair loss on patient’s emotions is often greatly negative.

Human hair is the second fastest growing tissue of the body. As a result, other medical conditions can be manifested with alopecia, and hair loss may be the first clinical sign of systemic disease present in the body. Hair Transplant Dubai makes sure we do a thorough background check on our patients and then find the proper diagnosis for female hair loss.

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