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Eyebrow Hair Transplantation

Eyebrows are the anchor which makes a face look aesthetic and symmetrical. Even when it comes to fashion thick and denser eyebrows are today’s style. Waxing and plucking for many years has a really bad effect on these tiny facial hairs. Some the hair become so damaged by the push and pull that they don’t even grow back. The solution to these problems is an eyebrow hair transplant to increase density and proportion for a balanced appearance.

There can be various causes for eyebrow loss such as

  • Aging Process
  • Radiation or Chemotherapy
  • Poor Styling Techniques
  • Internal Medical Condition
  • Skin Allergies

Women also see bald spots appearing the in eyebrows after years of miss treatment and under care of the eyebrows. Eye brow treatment can be done through FUE, but it is very delicate techniques as the hair of the eyebrows are thin and nearly are parallel with the skin. Surgeons at the Best Hair Transplant in Dubai center used FUE to plant nearly up to 600 grafts into the eyebrows depending on the patient’s condition.

We at our center use grafts from latter part of the scalp as it has the densest number of grafts with the smallest diameter. This does not even leave scars on the scalp and the whole process takes even less time than traditional techniques.

Eye Brow Design

Women have different styles of their eyebrows .Men have thicker more linear eyebrows where as women have more arched upward pointing eyebrows in the middle and lowering at the sides towards the ears. If the design of the eyebrow line is not taken into account it can seem off balance. Also both the sets of eyebrows have to be symmetrical to not attract unwanted attention.

At our center in Dubai we make sure through pre surgery procedures that we contour the areas and model them before the operation.

Our Team at Best Hair Transplant Center

Through pre modeling and marking our highly trained surgeons make sure the patient sees the results before the operation. We provide the highest quality work for eyebrow restoration and enhancement. Within 3-4 hours of work we achieve maximum impact, this saves our customers times and maintenance expenses in the process.

We also provide Post-operative care to our clients in case they face any discomfort. Through antibiotics and ointments we make sure the eyebrows grow as thick and as comfortably as possible. Additional sessions might be required if the patient has had severe loss of eyebrows. Women give special attention to their appearance more than men .We help to provide our feminine customers with an attractive eyebrow appearance through more balanced facial aesthetics!

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