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Alopecia is not specified to men only, unfortunately women are also facing this horrible problem. In fact they are often facing more traumatic hair loss in comparison with men. The unexpected or sudden and frequent hair fall sometimes results in sever alopecia in women due to several reasons. Major one is the crucial phase of menopause, when she is suffering from many emotional and physical changes that often come up with alopecia. Often child birth leads to hair loss which is also a very critical phase for every mother. For this they can go for female density enhancement treatment to get filled the thin areas of scalp or the region establishing to baldness. We have hundreds satisfied female patients enjoying their confident life after successfully density enhancement of their scalps.

Causes Behind Female Hair Loss

Alopecia or hair loss in females often shows the following causes behind its happening. Majorly following have been noticed which varies on individual bases. The body makeup and other hormonal concerns are involved, where each woman respond differently with reference to hair loss.

Let’s take look to the causes mentioned below;

Excessive Hair Fall
At times hairs start falling or shedding abnormally, which often leads to sever alopecia. This should be noticed in time to get proper treatment. Such problems can be cured by her density enhancement.

Hair Quality
The quality of hair is a significant factor involved in hair growth. The shrinking of hair fiber diameter often results in baldness. The overall hair density also at times starts decreasing.

The use of birth control pills at times of its starting or stopping affects the hairs. Many other medications are also sometimes having documented side effect of hair loss. For example the cancer treatment, anti depressants, excessive intake of heavy vitamin doses and many more medicines are also involved.

Hormonal Changes
Androgenetic alopecia is the one which results because of hormonal changes in females. This is also known as baldness or pattern hair loss. This is supposed to be the most common cause of hair loss among women. In this problem, the hormonal balance between the scalp and hair get disturbed.

Mostly women don’t take emotional stresses seriously; in factual conditions they badly affect their health. One of the adverse effects is hair loss. Apart from this, the physical illnesses are also causing alopecia. Like surgeries, anemia, cancer, skin diseases, fungal infections to scalp, etc.

Eating Habits
Poor eating habits; excessive junk intake, irregular meal timing also causes hair loss.

Our contribution in Treating Female Hair Loss

We are pleased to inform you that no matter whatever the cause is behind your hair loss, we are providing exceptional treatment and you can get your beloved hairs back. We are offering different techniques including; non-chemical and painless low laser therapy, highly affordable FUT technique and the latest yet most effective FUE treatment. We have a team of experts chosen from the best experienced group of surgeons. They will cautiously deal with treating female hair density enhancement in Dubai to let you enjoy a normal life without any lack of confidence. You can visit any time you need for more information contact us at info@besthairtransplantdubai.com.

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