Bio-Enhanced FUE Hair Transplant

Innovation is a key cornerstone at BEST Hair Transplant Clinic Dubai. We constantly utilize new technology to meet and exceed our patient’s expectations. After years’ experience, we have developed a Bio-Enhanced FUE Hair Transplant procedure. This new biotechnology in hair transplant surprisingly enhances growth, density and accelerates healing post-surgery.

What is Bio-Enhanced FUE Technology?

This is a biotechnological procedure combined with traditional FUE Follicular Unit Extraction technique that improves hair transplant results by speeding up healing and enhancing the yield of newly transplanted hair.

How Bio-Enhanced FUE Works?

After follicle units are harvested, they are placed into a Bio-life solution, where newly removed grafts receive nutrients while stored. It will increase the grafts quantity for transplant by avoiding dehydration process in removed grafts.

Phase 1:

During the treatment, the concentrated growth factors (CGF) are infused into FUE donor area that results in faster the healing process. Patient donor site is recovered in just couple of days. This technology will promote the regrowth by encouraging tissue repair in left donor hair. In a result, patient will get an unnoticeable look without any cut or white spots in future.

Phase 2:

The recipient site is then injected a growth factor rich culture to fertile the skin in order to increase the survival rate of transplanted hair follicles. This process provides high level of growth factors and vital nutrients for the transplanted grafts. Finally, the protein bathed grafts are placed into recipient area. These Bio-Enhanced grafts assured high percentage of growth to see a lot thicker and denser results.
Many of our patients are treated with this advanced Bio-enhanced FUE in Dubai who have received more optimal results. We have observed in many patients and found faster healing process by using Bio-Enhanced FUE than a regular FUE hair transplant.

Advantages of Bio-Enhanced FUE Hair Transplant.

Bio-Enhanced FUE technique provides a great results due to the following advantages:
1: Improve results on all stages of FUE hair transplant
2: Intense denser hair growth
3: Encourage tissue repair in donor hair for regrowth
4: More hair follicles are available for transplantation
5: Accelerates healing process of FUE procedure
6: Promote growth in recipient and donor areas
7: Improved growth in non-transplanted hair

An overview of the differences between FUT/ FUE/ Bio-Enhanced FUE the three hair transplant methods.

The table below shows the differences at a glance.

The differences FUT (strip) FUE Bio-Enhanced FUE
Sedatives before treatment Usually Usually No
Pain during procedure Some No No
Stitches Yes No No
Scarring in donor area Yes, one large scar Yes, white dots No
Reusability of donor area Limited Limited Good
Pain after treatment Yes Limited Little
Swelling after treatment Yes Yes Rarely
Recovery period 14 days 10 -12 days 5-7 days
Number of grafts per session 2500-3000 1500 -2000 2500-4000
Body hair transplant possible No Limited Yes
Treatment of scars and burn wounds Very Limited Acceptable Good
Treatment of eyebrows, moustache and beard Very Limited Acceptable Good
Results 70-90% 70-80% 85-95%


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