Beards, Mustaches & Sideburns Transplants

Beards, Mustaches & Sideburns Transplants    

Facial hairs are the prime reason men are distinguished from women. Beard, mustaches and head hair are the main focal point on a man’s face. Mustache and beard alopecia can now be treated thank to hair transplants procedures. Facial hair transplants are carried out on men who have patchy hair loss on the face giving off an unmanly look. Facial hairs are regarded as a show of strength and masculinity.

Beard Transplant

Research shows men with thicker and fuller beards then to be more confident in their daily lifestyles. Sparse, patchier and a not voluminous beard can bring about a shakier personality. Beard transplants like eyebrows or goatee highly depend on the expertise of the surgeon. The reasons for sparse beard hair growth can be genetics or scary skin. Many cultures have a particular significance laid upon Facial hair and regard it as a sign of Masculinity.

Having a fuller beard allows the man to active more stylistic options, ranging from a full beard to the designer stubble over the face. For Beard Hair Transplant follicular unit extraction procedure is used. It is a minimally invasive method which can range from grafts being planted in the range of 2000 to 4000 depending upon the requirements patient.

An area is picked on the back or sides of the head and fine hair are grafted from the donor area to the beard. The results are effective and the hair grow naturally with the rest of the beard .Full results though take a few months to take effect .

Mustache and Side Burn Transplant

Like the Beard hair transplant a mustache hair transplant requires the FUE process, but for mustaches one or two hair are artistically planted. As usual the hair are taken from the scalp and made to resemble with the beard hair. Mustache hair transplant is also a time effective process and the results are immediate and satisfactory.

The surgery takes about five to six hours and is under an anesthetic which makes it painless. Hairs are harvested over the lips and towards the corners to give a more voluminous masculine appearance. Side buns are also restored at our Best Hair Transplant. Patients want to restore their buns into a more thick parallel to skin appearance. Side buns may be damaged or scarred due to disease and other genetic disorders, but now can be cured painlessly through Follicular unit extraction techniques.

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